Unboxed circuit maze

Circuit Maze Board Game

Problem-Solving & Skill-Building

The Circuit Maze Board Game is intended to be a single player game with levels ranging from beginning to expert. The objective of the game is to create an electric current by creating different circuit paths. Players must choose a challenge card , lay out the ‘path pieces’ specified by the card onto the game board and then use these pieces to create a circuit that lights up. This is definitely a clever problem-solving activity for pre-teenage children. Even younger children will find this a fun activity to play with mum and dad in support.

circuit maze board game


Circuit Maze Board Game – What’s Included?

Included in the box are a 5 x 5 game board, 60 challenge cards, path pieces, beacons, a blocker, switcher and a power supply. Take note that the supply does not come with batteries. This is clearly stated on the packaging so make sure you have 3 AAA to hand to minimise tears amongst your creative team! There are a few things players must avoid doing in order to minimise the chances of damaging pieces and beacons while solving electrical circuit puzzles. Don’t stress too much on this point though. These are explained in relatively simple language with accompanying illustrations.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for developing skills in problem-solving.
  • Well-built pieces that won’t break easily.
  • Markings on the path pieces are clearly distinguishable.
  • Challenge cards are easy to read.

Circuit Maze Board Game


  • Removing path pieces from the game box can prove difficult at times.
  • The board is a little flimsy – sometimes when one piece is inserted another pops out.
  • There is a lot of trial and error which some kids might find frustrating. (Author’s Note: But trial and error is something that all programmers, coders and engineers have to deal with every day.)

Final Thoughts

I think that the circuit maze board game is interesting and affordable. Kids will get a great sense of accomplishment when they correctly create various circuits, especially as they progress to the more advanced projects. There is no reason that the game couldn’t be used in a team-based setting even though it’s intended to be a single-player activity. Perhaps your kids could create multi-player challenges as well. I’m sure the designers would love to hear any ideas from users. All in all the circuit maze board game is a logically stimulating product with great appeal for little electronic engineers. They will learn some of the basics about electricity, current, resistance, all while building on their sequential reasoning and logic skills. Make sure you read the instructions but definitely try it out!



  1. I definitely would pick this as a choice for my children. I abhor the video game playing that takes up all the time of children these days. Where are the good old games that were instrumental in developing skills and intelect? This is a great game, and I think the trial and error part make it good! It helps develop the skills and intelect, like you said.

    1. Thanks Ben,
      There really are some fantastic games out there these days, aren’t there! Who knows what fun the next generation might be able to create?!?

  2. This looks like a really awesome game for kids looking to challenge themselves. My nephews are always up to something so this will probably entertain them for hours. Good find!

  3. So I know this is meant for kids…but can adults use it too?! Haha. I was never interested in computers and coding and circuit boards as a kid, but as an adult in this increasingly computer dependent society, I’ve realized how important it is that this be almost a sort of basic education. It’s great to see that games like this one and the other products on your site exist; the kids now will be adults in an even more computer dependent world, so having this knowledge will help them greatly!

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