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The Best Monthly Subscription Box for Kids & Young Coders

I fully believe in learning without a textbook. What better way to teach electronics and code than with hands-on curriculum? Actually sitting down with a project and getting your hands dirty provides a much greater appreciation and understanding of a topic than just learning it from a book. With that in mind, the Creation Crate provides a useful platform for young kids (and adults!!) to see technology and code in action – to learn by doing. And after spending some time with what I regard as an example of the best monthly subscription box for young coder, I am feeling pretty good about my electronics and programming skills. But let’s find out if it is the best monthly subscription box for coders available on the market today.

best monthly subscription box

What is Creation Crate?

Don’t you love when you receive a box in the post? The fun and anticipation in seeing what’s contained within? Based out of Toronto Canada, Creation Crate is essentially tech-education-in-a-box. With the product, you can learn how to build electronics and code them without having any prior experience. Each month you will receive a new project that is slightly more difficult than the activity from the previous month, allowing you to build on the knowledge you have already acquired. The projects are beginner friendly and are comprised of a combination of hardware builds and software programming via the Arduino open-source language. The focus here is to help you understand how it works as you create.

What’s in the Creation Crate?

So every box will be different depending on the project for that month. The 3 main components are the UNO r3 (Arduino-compatible), which is essentially a pocket sized computer. The is coupled with various components and an instruction booklet. The are four key sections to each project:

  1. Building the hardware.
  2. Programming the software.
  3. Common errors to troubleshoot if your project doesn’t run the first time.
  4. Exercises to test what you’ve learned.

Example projects include mood lamps, instruments, games, sensors, and more!
Check out this cool video on just some of them!

So How Much Will This "Best Monthly Subscription Box for Kids" Cost Me?

Honestly, the prices aren't bad at all, especially when you factor in that shipping is totally free. There are a number of options available when you decide to subscribe:

  1. $29.99 USD per month (monthly)
  2. $26.99 USD per month (3 month pre-order)
  3. $25.49 USD per month (6 month pre-order)
  4. $22.49 USD per month (12 month pre-order)

Just remember that although shipping is free, orders outside of North America may take between 7 and 21 days to arrive.

What Else Do You Need?

The only other thing you will require is access to a computer with internet and a USB port. Everything else is included in the Creation Crate.

best monthly subscription box

So Who is Creation Crate For?

Okay, so the makers of Creation Crate claim that the recommended age is 12+ and that younger builders may be able to do the projects with parental guidance. This is probably true. In my own opinion, the building section of the projects will be the most enjoyable. It's when it comes down to the programming side of things where you may begin to see some frustrations. Arduino is a text-based coding language. I would advise that your child will have much more fun with this if they have a good grasp of some of the fundamental concepts of programming - for example, differences between integers ('ints') and words ('strings'), as well as understanding how loops and conditionals work.

One criticism is that there is no power source included, which limits the possibilities of using your newly-built electronic device somewhere other than connected to a computer. Also, the instructions are quite small and not extremely well detailed. A younger child may need some assistance in reading them.

As you can see from the promotional video above, the Creation Crate has an appeal to enthusiastic adults too. Kids will definitely enjoy it, don't get me wrong. If that kid is an enthusiastic one, however, and not afraid of temporary failures at times, then they will definitely get a lot out of the product! In my opinion, the Creation Crate would be suitable for anyone with a keen interest in building electronics who already has some programming knowledge. A really good concept all in all. The Best Monthly Subscription Box for Young Coders? ... It's not far off it!

If you're convinced that Creation Crate would have a place in your home, click the link below and get 10% off using the code MKR10CC.

Creation Crate


  1. This is a wonderful Idea! I have worked in voice and data communications for over 20 years, so I am considered a “techy” and a nerd, LOL. I totally believe in hands on training, because you remember what you are learning so much more. I know that when I started with the NWS, I was new to weather data. I had to immense myself, ask a lot of questions and learn, learn, learn. Only to become a very well respected manager.

  2. This is so cool! What a great way for kids to get interested and learn about coding. I like the way the boxes get progressively more difficult as you move on to the next one. I was quite surprised at the price as well. Thought they would be more expensive. Very interesting.

    1. It really does get the creative juices going doesn’t it? I agree, the price point is very attractive, especially if you opt for the 6 or 12 month subscription.

  3. Being a college student majoring in Computer Science, I have also found that sometimes getting your hands dirty is better than just listening to a professor’s lecture. I know so many people that would love something like this to fiddle with every month! It’s also a great price for what you get.

  4. Hey Dan, do you have to pay for the year up front if you check that option? This sounds like a great learning tool for those who have the money to invest in learning tis language. Great review and sounds like a great product. Thanks for this.
    Peace, Peter

    1. Hey Peter, the answer to your question is yes, you would have to pay up front for any of the pre-pay options. Using the code MKR10CC will get you 10% off the 1st month of your subscription. Thanks for your question!

  5. Actually, before I started to read the article, I saw an image of a breadboard and that reminded me of the years of my Electronics Engineering course. Feels nostalgic. I was actually searching for something creative and innovative to develop my 15 year old boy Arthur and I came across this. I must admit that the Creation Crate got something in it. I will definitely try it. Is there any sort of discount available?

    1. Hi Hans,
      Glad it brought back some fond memories for you. For me, it reminds me of the many times I put Meccano together as a child. This is so much more fun though. If you click through the links in the article and use the code MKR10CC you can get 10% off your first month. Thanks for your kind words. Dan

  6. I agree that textbooks are not always the best ways to learn stuff. For me, I always felt reading textbooks are kind of boring. I learn better by actually doing stuff, rather just reading a manual or textbook.

    I think that this is a really cool idea. I mean getting stuff in the mail is always fun for kids. My nephews go crazy whenever they get something in the mail. I did have a question for you, though. If you signed up for an entire year, do you get an outline of what is going to be coming?

  7. Hey Dan! This is a great review! Though I don’t have any kids but this Creation Box looks so fun I almost want to get one for myself. Aside from being a hands-on curriculum and a textbook replacement for kids, I’m sure adults who don’t know much about engineering and computer science can have fun with this right?

  8. Wow! I need to get this kit for my brother next Christmas he loves coding I’m sure he’d have a blast with it! I can’t believe they’ll ship it via post. That’s so cool! Thanks for the simple, clear, and concise review! It was very easy to read. Are there any other coding resources you’d recommend?
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for visiting Hailey! I’m sure your brother would love it. In terms of other coding resources, there are lots of other articles on codingBox which I think you will enjoy! Why not bookmark us and check back again soon!?! Dan

  9. Getting something new each month and not knowing what it is, would be quite exciting. It helps to generate interest and it’s a great idea by the product manufacturer Creation Crate.

    I have a little experience of coding so I know what loops and strings are, but I assume the product comes with some sort of manual for the Arduino language or is this something that would have to be learned online?

    I think the price is pretty good, especially if you sign up for the 12 months and save some money over the long run.

    1. Hi Craig,
      Yes there are instructions included each month with the Creation Crate. Arduino is an open-source language so it’s also a “people help the people” approach, as is most of coding these days. That is one of the most satisfying things about programming I find. Most of us who code are a little bit humble and there is always someone there to help out. This could be in forums, tutorials, blogs. It is a truly great discipline to be involved in.

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