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Simple Machines for Kids to Build from Technology Will Save Us

Do you want to let your kids build their own simple machines at home? If yes, worry no more as Technology Will Save Us is here to help them out. As one of the UK’s most exciting design-led startups focused on learning, they offer different types of machines for your kids that combine craft, technology, science and coding with play and fun. Technology Will Save Us are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people with their line of simple machines for kids to build using hands-on technology.

Below are three of the most popular products offered by Technology Will Save Us to help your kids build simple machines:

DIY Gamer Kit

DIY Gamer Kits come in three different types such as the Gamer Kit Arduino, Gamer Kit without Arduino and the Gamer Kit Ready Soldered. All these gamer kits allow you to enjoy any type of game you invented on a console.


With this type of gamer kit, kids will utilize their programming and problem solving skills as they learn to assemble and solder electronics together using the easily accessible manual as their guide.  This kit will also help them to learn more about the way to code games and understand the exciting ways in which gaming systems are put together. You the designer are responsible for inventing, equating to lots of fun and excitement.

DIY Mover Kit

Get kids into coding, building and moving with this DIY Mover Kit from Technology Will Save Us. This simply reacts with light movement and it can be coded in many different and infinite ways.

Technology Will Save Us believes that kids should use technology to create and not to consume. This mover kit is as simple as making your own paper airplanes or Lego house. Except that it’s much cooler. Moreover, this mover kit reacts on any type of movement you want. Dance, jump, spin, run, or use it as a lightsaber.

In addition to that, you may transform the DIY mover kit in different ways. All you need to do is to learn coding it using your visual coding interface. When you are already done, share it to the entire community for them to enjoy your own invention.

DIY Synth Kit

This synth kit offered by Technology Will Save Us allows your kids to create the most pleasing electronic music by way of creating their own synthesizer. All you need to do is to follow the guide written on the manual and get all parts connected together.


As you create your own DIY Synth Kit, you must first do some experiments with the volume and frequency of the electronic music. The purpose of which is to make the sound more pleasing and more appealing to the ears. This is also essential if you will make use of this kit to play on several types of music.

The DIY synth kit offered by Technology Will Save Us is made available into three different synths that could range from Atari Punk Console to Dub and Stutter sirens. I personally believe that your kids will love this.

These are only three of the best DIY kits offered by Technology Will Save Us . These can be purchased for the guaranteed satisfaction of your kids and even for adults. These kits are a truly enjoyable way to learn new skills, from soldering to coding. As one of the leading companies in this rapidly expanding space,  Technology Will Save us will entice your kids to create simple machines and develop their skills, talents and capabilities.

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