Children looking at tablets, computers and maps

Future Classroom Technology Ideas

Staying on top of technology can be a daunting task can’t it? It’s a full-time job to filter through the latest buzzwords, devices, upgrades, platforms, etc. day in day out.

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The kano computer kit


The Kano Computer Kit is a kid-friendly computer that is not only designed to teach children about coding but also functions as a physical tool for them to understand hardware

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Piper Unboxed


Raise your hand if as a young child you would sneak out to the garage, grab hold of your dad’s tool box and start to saw a random piece of

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A stack of children's books with a cup in the background

Coding Books

For as long as coding has existed, books have been written about it. The paper format has been somewhat overshadowed in recent times by the explosion of online training courses

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A Robot - apparently this is actually the Gungam

Kids Robot Building Kits

Bring a programmable robot building kit into your household and your child’s creativity will blossom! Programmable robot kits are just a great way to foster a love for science and

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The dash and dot robots

Robot Programming for Kids

Sounds cool doesn’t it? It’s almost a futuristic word to many of us – Robotics!!! When I hear it brings my mind back to 1980s films like Batteries Not Included

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The minecraft foundations course by codakid

Minecraft Modding with CodaKid

Mod Creation: The Adventure Begins! Okay. So up to now we have been playing with and reviewing apps that come with very little live online support if any at all.

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My family playing with Scratch

Why Is Coding Important?

In recent years, programming or “coding” has become a common part of parent’s and educator’s vernacular. The term has moved from the relatively small domain of a “geek” to the

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